Personality Assessments


Tailor-made for organisational needs


It is takes less than 5 minutes to set up an assessment. State the purpose of the assessment and identify the responsibilities of the candidate. You can also define the core competencies that represent your organisation. Our AI-driven interface will map behavioural traits needed to succeed in the role and organisation and assess candidates.

Behavioral interview guide report


Cognitive challenges

Invited candidates just need to download the game, Nautics, on their phones. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The 45-minute gameplay captures more than 5,000 data points to build a detailed map of the candidate’s personality, attitude and cognitive abilities. This is then mapped to the specified role and organisational needs.


Get unbiased, clear and concise results that predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in a role, and what will motivate him/her to perform well. Gain unique insights candidate’s managerial abilities and leadership style and the behaviours he/she is likely to exhibit when under duress.

Artificial intelligence assessments


The report, with its predictive analysis of a candidate’s competencies and working style, will help further understand a candidate’s behavior during a face-to-face interaction. Hiring managers and HR managers can use the report to delve deeper into aspects of a candidate’s behavior that they feel are most relevant to the role.

Assessments Reports